Paul W. Bradley is an experienced international energy executive with more than 35 years of management responsibility for companies ranging from startups to multinational operations in Europe, Eastern Mediterranean, North Africa, the Middle East and Asia Pacific. 

His expertise includes specialist tool and products procurement, cementing and hydraulic fracturing technology, and international financial and management controls.  

Bradley is responsible for product development and technical stewardship. 

Prior to being appointed Group Technical Director for Group 42, Bradley served as Well Flow’s Managing Director and Technical Manager. As Managing Director, Bradley directed all Middle East and Asia Pacific business operations, including multiple office and distribution operations throughout the Arabian Gulf and Asia.  During his time as Technical Manager, Bradley set up and organized the company’s offices in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia to support Well Flow’s roll out of wellbore cleanup products in the Gulf States, Egypt and the Subcontinent.

Bradley is credited with the introduction of many of Well Flow’s products and services, and for successfully working as a special consultant to Saudi Aramco on development of a horizontal gas well completions contract. 

Before joining Group 42, Bradley was a long-term Halliburton executive. He served in roles including Managing Director for Bahrain; Country Manager in Libya; and a manager of marketing for Halliburton in the MENA region where he was responsible for new business development and all technical, legal and financial aspects of its operations. 

Paul Bradley holds a Bachelor of Science in Structural Engineering from Imperial College, London and is a member of Society of Petroleum Engineers.