Group 42 Sponsors Theater Initiatives Aimed at Community Healing and Fostering the Arts

Group 42, a proponent of the arts, supported two community theater productions, "Liberty Smith" and "Spring Awakening," in July and August 2015. 

"Liberty Smith," a historical musical, was put on by the 1214 Foundation. The foundation began as a way to use theater and leadership training to heal the Newtown, Connecticut community after the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting. Performances were held at Newtown High School.

Group 42 also sponsored "Spring Awakening," a coming of age musical, which was put on by Broadway Method Academy. The Academy's mission is to enrich the community through the power of the arts. The Academy supports young artists in Southwestern Connecticut, giving them a place to grow and learn their craft in a safe environment. 

Group 42, headquartered in San Antonio, is committed to supporting initiatives related to the arts, environment, education and health in Texas and beyond.