Group 42 and The Ferrari Kid Support the 2015 Walls Youth Olympics

Members of Group 42 and the nonprofit organization The Ferrari Kid supported the 2015 Walls Youth Olympics at the Alamo Stadium. 

The Walls Youth Fitness Olympics is a fitness challenge hosted by former NFL superstar Lenny Walls and the non-profit organization Breaking Down Walls. The Olympics featured multiple activities and events designed to challenge, teach and promote wellness. This year marked the third anniversary of the annual event and featured several professional athletes: Quintin Demps of the New York Giants, retired Kansas City Chief Priest Holmes, two-time Superbowl champion Brandon Browner and retired San Antonio Spur Antonio Daniels. 

Breaking Down Walls is a nonprofit organization founded by Lenny Walls and his wife that provides San Antonio youth affordable sports learning programs.

The Ferrari Kid is a nonprofit organization that gives children coping with cancer and other illnesses a chance to forget their struggles by making them a "celebrity" for a day.