Group 42 Unveils a New Brand Identity

Today, Group 42 unveils a new brand identity, one that represents the strategic, pioneering and globally connected way our company has done business since it was founded nearly 20 years ago. 

Positioned successfully by years of dedicated effort, today we have more opportunities than ever before.

We are a San Antonio-based energy-oriented holding company built on its ability to apply technology and analytics-driven answers to advance the success of its companies, partners and customers worldwide. 

We are not limited by boundary but instead are a team unlimited in our determination to continuously develop innovative, unique and strategically focused solutions to reach our goals.

Group 42’s new brand identity also serves as our corporate compass — indeed our philosophy — and reflects our extensive knowledge, experience and relationships with other businesses worldwide. And, it defines our community dedication, as we understand that business is not without a purpose beyond simple commerce. Character and profits are our core principals; so too, Group 42 believes in philanthropy, and is passionate about the environment, education and the arts.