Well Flow Unveils New Brand Identity

For the first time in its history, Well Flow International is unveiling a new visual identity and brand framework. It is the same bold company with the same vision, but with a new face which will represent it well as it grows into new markets.  

Well Flow’s new logo represents the innovative and responsive attitude that has defined the company since the beginning. One of the largest, independent providers of wellbore cleanup solutions, Well Flow has become known as a technology-driven pioneer in the energy industry. Its customers feel the confidence that only comes from partnering with an experienced, focused company like Well Flow.

But its clients today face steeper challenges than they did 25 years ago. Customers need to increase well productivity in more challenging fields. They need better technologies to help them operate with more precision. They must deliver superior results, faster.

Well Flow has a unique capacity to accomplish these goals for its clients, and the updated brand framework conveys that it is customer-focused, pioneering, nimble and experienced.

The company’s updated brand illustrates the proven strategies and technical expertise which have described it for years.