Eric M. Bell is a finance and business development executive with expertise in strategic management, planning and structured finance.

At Group 42, Bell is responsible for new business opportunities and acts as the liaison for community-focused and corporate-based initiatives. Before joining Group 42, Bell was a consultant to the company assisting in diligence, data and financial analysis, and budgeting.


He is a co-founder, President and a principal shareholder of Blue Duck Scooters, an electric scooter company committed to working with campuses and communities to address local transportation and parking issues.

Bell is a member of the board of directors of Texas Oilfield Fabrication & Pipeline (TOFP), a Group 42 subsidiary, fabricating fully tested modular production facilities for the oil and gas industry. TOFP also builds reliable pipeline systems and provides a complete list of services, including construction, installation and maintenance.

Bell is also a Principal at Rubicon Capital, LLC, a family investment company, where for 10 years, he has assisted in decisions and oversight related to its investments in technology, private equity and venture funds, energy, health care products and services, and other alternative assets. 

In addition, he serves on the board of Tech Bloc, a movement to change San Antonio’s economic landscape by nurturing a strong tech ecosystem and in 2015, co-founded and is chairman of Choose San Antonio, a non-profit dedicated to promoting San Antonio through innovative and focused digital, social, smart creative and outreach-based marketing. Bell is also founder of THINK SA, a policy group committed to advancing San Antonio by collaborating on long-term solutions to systemic issues, particularly talent recruitment and retention, technology and entrepreneurship, transportation, energy and water. 

Eric M. Bell holds a bachelor's degree in philosophy from the University of North Carolina.